Welcome to Halvex Phase 3: New Look, New Things!

Welcome to Halvex Phase 3: New Look, New Things!

🎉🚀 Announcing Halvex Phase 3: Unleash the Excitement! 🚀🎉

We've been holding in our excitement for this moment, and finally, the wait is over! We're stoked to announce the arrival of Halvex Phase 3 - a week filled with new features and products that will blow your minds! 💥

Introducing the All-New Halvex Dashboard - A Fresh Look and Unprecedented Flexibility! 💻

Our dashboard has undergone a facelift to make it more user-friendly and intuitive. This updated design reflects our commitment to providing you with a seamless and straightforward experience.

👉 Check it out here: Halvex Dashboard

Configurable Options - Empowering You to Tailor Your Services 🔧

We're ecstatic to introduce configurable options that empower you to customize your services like never before. From memory allocation to storage, you have the freedom to fine-tune your resources to suit your exact needs.

New Pricing - More Affordable Than Ever! 💲

With the introduction of Configurable Options, we've revamped our pricing to make it even more affordable. Starting now, it's a simple $1 per gigabyte for every extra allocation of memory and just $0.01 per gigabyte of storage. This change has led to significant savings for all our services.

Starting today, you can get your own dedicated Sons Of The Forest server hosted by Halvex for as low as $4.99. Enjoy multiplayer action with your friends and take your gaming adventures to the next level. 🎮

👉 Get yours here: Sons Of The Forest Server

Don't miss out on this opportunity - grab your own server now and have some fun in Sons Of The Forest! 🌲🎮

We are thrilled to unveil the latest addition to the Halvex family! Our Dallas, TX location is now live, offering top-notch performance and enhanced security with Path.net DDoS Protection. (If you wish to migrate your existing service, please open a ticket.)

Server Location Selector: To make the ordering process even more convenient, we've added a Server Location selector in the order configurator. When selecting any product (excluding Discord Bot/App), you'll find the Location Selector as the first option in the server configurator. Pick Dallas, TX, or any other location that suits your needs best! 🌐📍

Revamped Discord Community: Experience a fresh new look in our Discord Community! We are committed to providing our members with richer content and valuable insights.

As we near the conclusion of Halvex Phase 3, we have one more exciting update to share with you all! 🌟

Introduction of Halvex Cloud and the Halvex Console - Your Gateway to Cloud Hosting! ☁️🎮

We're absolutely delighted to introduce Cloud/VPS services! The Halvex Console is the easiest way to manage your VPS and Cloud instances! Unlock the power of Halvex Cloud with enhanced performance, security, and control over your virtual private servers. The Halvex Console provides you with an effortless way to manage your instances, making server hosting a seamless experience.

Partnering with Performave 🤝

We're grateful to announce our partnership with Performave, the brilliant minds behind Convoy Panel. Working together has allowed us to bring you the Halvex Console, empowering you with a user-friendly interface for managing your VPS and Cloud instances.

👉 Performave's Convoy Panel

Grab Your Exclusive Offer!

As we reach the end of Phase 3, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to each of you for being a part of this journey. To celebrate, we're offering an exclusive 30% discount on all new orders placed for the rest of August!

Use code PHASE3 at checkout to claim your discount and explore the limitless possibilities with Halvex.

Don't forget to use the 30% discount until the end of August! Code: PHASE3

Best regards, The Halvex Team 👋🌟