Bridge Minecraft chat with Discord chat

Bridge Minecraft chat with Discord chat
Photo by Steve Johnson / Unsplash

Are you tired of bouncing between Minecraft and Discord just to keep up with the conversation? Do you wish there was a way to seamlessly integrate the two chat platforms so you could focus on enjoying your gameplay and interactions? Well, you're in luck! In this blog post, we're going to show you how to bridge Minecraft chat with Discord chat. That's right, you can finally stop juggling between platforms and start having uninterrupted conversations with your friends and fellow players.

  1. Install DiscordSRV: The first step is to install the DiscordSRV plugin on your Minecraft server. To do this, go to the SpigotMC website or the DiscordSRV plugin's official website and download the plugin. Once downloaded, place the DiscordSRV jar file in your Minecraft server's "plugins" folder.
  2. Create a Discord Bot: The next step is to create a Discord bot that will act as the bridge between Minecraft and Discord. To do this, go to the Discord Developer Portal and create a new application. Give your application a name and select "Create." Next, create a bot by selecting "Bot" on the left-hand side menu and then "Add Bot." Once you have created your bot, copy the bot token.
  3. Add the bot to your Discord server: To add your bot to your Discord server, go to the Discord Developer Portal, select your application, and go to the OAuth2 tab. Under "Scopes," select "bot" and then select the permissions you want your bot to have. We recommend selecting "Administrator" so that the bot has full permissions. Once you have selected your permissions, copy the generated link and paste it into your web browser to invite the bot to your Discord server.
  4. Configure DiscordSRV: Once you have installed DiscordSRV and created your bot, you need to configure the plugin. To do this, navigate to the DiscordSRV config file located in your Minecraft server's "plugins/DiscordSRV" folder. Open the config file and locate the "Bot Token" field. Paste your bot token here. Next, locate the "Channel Settings" section and set the "Channel ID" to the ID of the channel you want Minecraft chat to be sent to in Discord. You can find the channel ID by right-clicking the channel in Discord and selecting "Copy ID."
  5. Start the server: Once you have configured DiscordSRV, save the config file and start your Minecraft server. If you have configured everything correctly, Minecraft chat will now be bridged to the Discord channel you specified in the config file. Players can chat with each other across both platforms, and any messages sent in the designated Discord channel will also be broadcasted to the Minecraft server.

That's it! With DiscordSRV, you can easily bridge Minecraft chat with Discord chat, allowing players to communicate across both platforms seamlessly.